36 STICKERS Vintage Pyrex Bowl stacks Theme Stickers Waterproof vinyl Dishwasher friendly

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Pyrex Bowl Stacks Stickers Trio PACKAGE 12ea of 3 variants

36 STICKERS (12 each of 3 variants) Vintage Pyrex Bowl Stacks Stickers Trio
(Order 1 unit to get the 36 stickers)
3 inch sticker waterproof permanent adhesive.

• comes mounted on a fun card.
• features 3 variants, Green Spring Blossom, Turquoise Butterprint, Pink Gooseberry pyrex bowls stacked.
• 3"" high sticker.
• permanent/waterproof vinyl adhesive high quality outdoor grade sticker.
• they are made to last 3 - 5 years in all weather conditions.
Original design by modmoxgoods!.